Q1: Can you please record and post. Thank you!(From Discord: mountainsky

**A1:**we have our community notion to record all ama mi information https://mirrorworldfun.notion.site/AMA-mini-fbe6e779d04843beaa86d7a9e42f2640

**Q2:**From Mirror World Team:

I'll start by syncing up, as mentioned last Friday we'll be going to collaborate with more Gamefi projects. We've already made some progress, including Dark Forest, Oni Squad, and other ongoing Gamefi projects. (and will recently start working with a P2E Game Guild you're all familiar with) haha GUESS

**Q3:**It's supposedly, last month And Alpha test for AFK arena this december(From Discord: nosaJ


A3: Alpha is on schedule! But we had some internal discussions around staking and thought it’s best to delay it a little bit, but the delay won’t affect level rewards.

**Q4:**All right!Are you guys going to revised the roadmap?Since, i think we are still in October roadmap Game Art Development section (From Discord: nosaJ

**A4:**Yeah, changing up couple things but making some parts of it a lot better We are full steam game development!

**Q5:**And i'd like to ask if the dividends is monthly or it is one time only? (From Discord: nosaJ

A5: Once a month, the amount can be accumulated, the function has begun testing, soon on the official website

**Q6:**And for January roadmap is it gonna be deployed according to the schedule, specially for the mirror shards mapping and mirror token governance (From Discord: nosaJ


A6:Noted, no need to worry about that.Will have the mapping out