Q1: as the game nears for release, what would be the focus of the team this coming 2022?(From Discord: We are spending time improving the quality of the existing games while also planning for DAO design/economic system and a more community-driven governance framework. Meanwhile also creating the grand storyline for Mirrorworld (From Discord: licktrick

**A1:**This is a good suggestion, but we need to see if the current design of the account system can support such an idea, so I can't get back to you now.

Q2: does this mean after the initial release of the arpg we can expect more content?(From Discord: licktrick

A2: Yes! We will do that for sure, more games to come and we hope our community can provide more content as well

**Q3:**Considering the size, scope, attention and future potential of what happened with the $SOS airdrop, although I don't currently have any firm ideas, I think it would be prudent for a discussion to start in how we can make use of this new token. Creating a $Mirror/$SOS Liquidity Pool and accepting transactions in $SOS is the obviously thing that springs to my mind but I'm sure there are hundred of other applications too. It seems that a huge gift has been given to so many people in the Web3/NFT/DeFi/DeCentralised communities and the story of whether it succeeds or not is still to be written. However I don't think there can be any denying there huge potential that could be unlocked for everyone in this space. To me it seems prudent to make some investigations down this avenue and continue setting the benchmarks at the front of NFT/P2E space, exactly as we have been with the AI token.

So I guess I'm asking what peoples thoughts are and if the internal team need assistance could a loose-nit working group could be organized to seek out and investigate potential uses of $SOS?

**(**From Discord: iknowdavid.eth)

A3: We are currently designing a staking pool as we mentioned on the road map, we’d like the economics to be more flushed out before we roll it out. Also we saw your recommendation regarding dividend and are adjusting the information on our website!

**Q4:**Mirror World could lauch a series of Text RPG games to activate community or corporate with other NFT community.

Text RPG or Text Role-Playing refers to imaginative story building. “Text” refers to writing (typing in your Character’s actions in the traditional version) online. “RPG” refers to role-playing games. When you join them together you get “Writing online in role-playing games”. In Text RPG, Text-based adventure games (also known as IF or Interactive Fiction) is a classic genre where all the interaction takes place through on-screen words, and they're still alive today. For example, TORN (not that tron) still gets more than 30,000 daily users 15 years after it first launched.

At a beginning, some simple games could be tried based on the conversation:

**(**From Discord: 1573

A4: This is really close to what we are imagining as a part of mirror world,but we want it to have visual reference that creates a sense of immersion in game as well, we are imagining a resource gathering sandbox game to be the next prototype