1. Hard wallet support pls.(from Discord: gps2020 )

    Reply:We ordered a bunch of hard wallets but they are taking forever to ship. Will support them soon, it’s in the pipeline.

  2. Everyday should be weapons day.(from Discord: Ozlive2air)

    Reply: Most likely will be ready in December, but game dev comes first.We will release weapons and items info periodically because of all the heavy lifting on the game mechanisms. We hope the updating schedule can be followed easily so everyone can check at a certain time.

  3. The official mirror website needs to organize some promotional activities to speed up the casting process of the remaining mirrors. Only after the mirror casting on the official website is completed, it is possible to increase the floor price of mirror in opensea in the next step.(from Discord:reverse-natnaheuyug)

    Reply: How we look at this project is a co-development process with our community, we are not just jpegs, so there will be a longer dev time before our gamefi matrix, we appreciate all your support and hope our community can grow together! But I think the minting will happen naturally after games are ready and we announce our strategic partners soon.

we are also preparing a series of activities, including special activities and regular community activities. For special events, for example, there will be a surprise next week and some new events in December. At the same time, we are also considering some regular activities for members of the community to continue participating.

  1. it should advertise often for them to know what is mirror world and how great this project will be.(from Discord:boiler00016)

    **Reply:**We will blast those news ALLL TOGETHER! but no rush before we can shock them with content.

  2. maybe they should add laser gun to the game, its gonna be cool if one mirror is holding it, and i think its cool to base it on the anime gundam because of the sneakpeak that are very similar to it. (from Discord:boiler00016)

    Reply: If you are talking about such a laser gun, then we already have it and we have more weapons waiting to be released, if you are not talking about such a weapon, you can send a picture of the weapon out and maybe we can choose to add it into the game.

  3. Maybe we can learn from Dark Forest with xDai to play. Not so confident with rollup according to my knowledge. (from Discord:万历元年)

    Reply: Looking to talk to immutable and starnet directly soon, also looking at those as well. Also depends on our investors this round