1. For the next community I nominate VoxoDeus (voxodeus.io). They were the first project large scale 3D game to announce a partnership Sandbox, CZ is going to be list them on Binance and they have employed some of the best level design builders in the the space and because they launched before the summer madness the ownership is nicely distributed, not controlled by whales. I mentioned Mirror World to them a couple of days ago:

"I can't post in the Project-Ideas section or DM you so posting here. I'm a holder of a Mirror World NFT too and they've just been certified as the first project with an AI Dialogue Chip NFT. (https://mirrorworld.medium.com/the-first-artificial-intelligence-dialogue-chip-nft-5996fb9f1343) They've added 8 of the big NFT's (Punk, BAYC, Meebits etc) as communities elidable to claim an AI chip, but I thought it could be a great thing for VoxoDeus if we could talk to our NFTs too. There no other projects like yours listed so it could be another VoxoDeus first partnership...."

and this is how they reacted:

"You are blowing our minds with this one @iknowdavid.eth ! @xxxxxx | VoxoDeus is da man for partnerships, so let's hear what he thinks about this!"

"ahaha we were just talking about chatting to bots with the Voxo team today ... but this is totally on another level! "

"This looks really interesting I'll certainty look more into this Thank you for the share @iknowdavid.eth!! "

(From Discord: @iknowdavid.eth)

Reply: This community member has a great way of proposing and we hope to invite

@iknowdavid.eth as our community ambassador.

We will also give the ambassador an airdrop of Soul as a thank you after confirming the partnership with VoxoDeus in the second community joint.

If other members have more proposals to post in this template, we will announce the ambassador recruitment in the weekly AMA mini.

  1. I think CryptoDads would be a good partner.(From Discord: Higgie1317)

Reply: Got it, we're already thinking about it